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Global Learning Link provides an environment where children are allowed to be themselves. Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity through their environment. We encourage Educators to create a home away from home to help the children develop their full potential as individual learners in a comfortable and loving environment.


Global Learning Link strongly believes in studies of society and the world around us. We believe active exploration is integral in developing a sense of self. Exploration promotes a sense of belonging to one’s world and allows an instinctive bond with nature and living things. Outdoor exploration and play develop the whole child physically and mentally. More over, we believe children should be free to develop all their senses through textures, sounds, tease, sight, colours, and smells. We see exploration and nature as the building blocks for sharing skills, knowledge and most importantly fun experiences.


The core interest in our early years is creative play. Creativity respects and responds to children’s true self. Creativity is not graded, not judged but a key element in becoming and showcasing our true self. Creative activities develop in young children skills such as maths, complex thinking and languages development as we described what we have created. Physical benefits include our fine and gross motor skills through activities such as painting, drawing, threading, cutting, creating collage etc. Creativity allows the child to express their emotions and thoughts.


Play supports emotional development by providing a way to express and cope with feelings. Piaget, 1962

Children learn more in the first few years than they learn at any other stage of their lives. Young children learn through their relationships with others and the world around them. Children’s play is important in their early learning as it enables them to express and manage feelings through social interaction with peers, carers and Educators.

Global Learning Link, delivers many play opportunities both indoor and out based on individuals and small group needs and facilitated through various learning resources and materials supplied by our Educators as well as our educational library.

Music & Dance

Our music activities are spontaneous and based purely off children’s interest and requests. Our programmed music session include outings to various musical shows such as instrumental, vocal and cultural. We believe that music is an opportunity for children to explore and further develop their language expression.

Instruments are available at all times for children to experiment with and become confident little musicians.


Childhood friendships are innocent, free from cares and an unconditional bond that your child will develop in our Family Day Care settings. Family Day Care services help children develop meaningful and long lasting relationships more readily and easily with smaller child ratios which Family Day Care provides. The memories and moments the children spend together playing are special, precious and joyful which Global Learning Link sees as paramount in developing a child’s social and emotional skill set.